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The Color Seems A Little Off: How To Avoid Problems With Your Spectrophotometer

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When you’re measuring light and color, you’ve got to ensure that the information is accurate. Part of that accuracy begins with your spectrophotometer. If your spectrophotometer isn’t functioning properly, you’re not going to get the accuracy that you require, which can have disastrous results in a lab setting. Here are four steps you should always follow to ensure that the results you receive from your spectrophotometer are accurate every time. Read More»

Get Personalized Water Bottle Labels Made For An Upcoming Baby Shower

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If someone close to you will soon have a baby and you’re helping plan the baby shower, one special touch that you can offer is to have personalized water bottle labels made up for the event. Even if you’re serving a variety of drinks, water never goes out of style — and it will be even more popular when you offer it in bottles with personalized labels. Many companies can provide this service, including those that operate online and will send you the finished product in the mail. Read More»