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Keys To Buying Tooling For Utility-Transport Helicopters

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If you have operations that rely on a utility-transport helicopter, there are things you'll have to do to it from a maintenance standpoint. Tooling will thus be required to do things like repair parts and service them at the appropriate intervals. If you keep these tips in mind, you can find optimal helicopter tooling that's reliable and easy to use.

Make Sure Tools Come Stored in a Trolley Case

You may have to keep a lot of tooling on standby for the maintenance of your utility-transport helicopter. Some of this tooling may be heavy too. You'll have an easier time moving these tools and keeping up with them if they come in a trolley case.

It has a heavy-duty design, but more importantly, it has wheels and a carrying handle at the top. That's going to help you effortlessly take helicopter tooling with you to various sites or just around your own shop.

Look for Tooling That's OEM-Specific

If you want to invest in compatible tooling to properly maintain a specific type of utility-transport helicopter, then you need to opt for tools that are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specific. Then you'll have ample security in the tooling working great with various components of this helicopter, whether it's the cockpit controls in the front or the landing skids on the bottom.

You'll be able to work strategically with these OEM-specific tools to save you time, as well as maximize the maintenance steps you perform on a regular basis. Locating said tooling is as easy as finding out the particular specs of your utility-transport helicopter.

Consider Using Tooling Prototypes

New tooling comes out all the time for utility-transport helicopters. Manufacturers often make prototypes first before sending these tools into full-scale production. They often look for helicopter facilities to test out these prototypes.

You might want to try using some of these tooling prototypes because you may not have to pay for them at all since you're providing the manufacturer with meaningful research data. Also, you'll have access to innovative tooling technology before anyone else — which can further improve maintenance programs for your utility-transport helicopter.

If you want to keep a utility-transport helicopter in phenomenal shape for many years, you'll need to use tooling with it when completing repairs and inspections. Just make sure you invest in high-quality tooling and use resources that make managing it easy. Then helicopter care won't be as demanding.

To learn more about helicopter tooling, including BK117 tooling, reach out to a manufacturer near you.