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Get Personalized Water Bottle Labels Made For An Upcoming Baby Shower

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If someone close to you will soon have a baby and you're helping plan the baby shower, one special touch that you can offer is to have personalized water bottle labels made up for the event. Even if you're serving a variety of drinks, water never goes out of style — and it will be even more popular when you offer it in bottles with personalized labels. Many companies can provide this service, including those that operate online and will send you the finished product in the mail. Here are some ideas that you can pursue.

Color Considerations

Every baby shower has a slight different approach concerning the gender of the child. In some cases, the baby's gender will already be known by those in attendance. In other cases, the pregnant woman will use the shower to announce the baby's gender. It can be fun to incorporate the personalized water bottle labels into this idea. One idea is to get half of your labels in pink and half in blue. Each person in attendance can choose a bottle, and those who have the right color when the woman announces her baby's gender can win a small prize.

Fast Facts

While you'll obviously want to include relevant details on the personalized water bottle labels, including the name of the woman, the date of the baby shower, and other such details, you can also place some fast facts on part of the label. Talk to the pregnant woman about any noteworthy details from her pregnancy. For example, if her child's due date is the same date as something interesting, such as her mother's birthday, this is worth mentioning. The more facts of this nature you add, the more people will enjoy hanging onto their bottles and enjoying reading the labels.

Fun And Games

Space permitting, you can also think about adding some games and activities on your personalized water bottle labels. A fill-in the blank/hangman-style game with baby terms can be fun for people to read, as can a tiny word search. One idea is to make up a word search — perhaps six rows of letters by six — and have the baby's name hidden in the puzzle if the woman wishes to reveal it at this time. Those in attendance can then look for the name in the puzzle and celebrate together as they find it, or you can give a small prize to the person who yells it out first.

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