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4 Ways Custom Home Designs Have Changed Over The Last Few Years

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Building a custom home is an exciting time. Your builder will walk you through picking out all of the components of your home. To prepare, you may have begun touring new homes or visiting some of your local home shows. One thing you will quickly note is all of the many design changes on the market. While some of these changes may not be your personal preferences, others are signs of the times. Read More»

How To Move From A Part-Time To A Full-Time Position

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If you are working a part-time job and you would like to have your part-time hours turned into full-time hours, there are several ways you can go about this. You will need to how that you’re the type of candidate who is suitable for a full-time position.  Listen to Your Boss Make sure to listen to your employer so you can understand what the concerns of your company are. Then, do everything you can to take initiative and help the company achieve its goals. Read More»

Keys To Buying Tooling For Utility-Transport Helicopters

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If you have operations that rely on a utility-transport helicopter, there are things you’ll have to do to it from a maintenance standpoint. Tooling will thus be required to do things like repair parts and service them at the appropriate intervals. If you keep these tips in mind, you can find optimal helicopter tooling that’s reliable and easy to use. Make Sure Tools Come Stored in a Trolley Case You may have to keep a lot of tooling on standby for the maintenance of your utility-transport helicopter. Read More»