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How To Move From A Part-Time To A Full-Time Position

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If you are working a part-time job and you would like to have your part-time hours turned into full-time hours, there are several ways you can go about this. You will need to how that you're the type of candidate who is suitable for a full-time position. 

Listen to Your Boss

Make sure to listen to your employer so you can understand what the concerns of your company are. Then, do everything you can to take initiative and help the company achieve its goals. You will want to give your boss something to show them that has significant momentum. You will want to show how you are able to add value to the company so that your employer knows why it would be beneficial to make you a full-time employee.

Think Outside the Box

One of the primary reasons why an employee isn't promoted is that they do not look for ways to be creative and instead wait to be told what to do. You'll want to instead want to take initiative and come up with ideas that will help your company achieve its goals.

Acquire New Skills

You will usually need to acquire skills that are necessary to do your part-time job well. By showing that you are able to master your current part-time job, you will be able to better show that you are also able to be promoted to a position with more responsibilities. 

Work as Hard as Possible

It's necessary to work very hard to impress your boss and increase the odds that you will be offered a full-time position. For example, you will want to show up early, leave late, and work hard throughout the day. You will want to show that you can avoid getting distracted while performing your duties. 

Consider Applying for a Different Company

If you're concerned about your ability to move from a part-time position to a full-time position, it might be time to look for a different company to work for. When searching for a new full-time position, you will want to place yourself in the shoes of your manager. 

You will also want to place yourself in a mindset where you are willing to learn anything to be able to grow. Rather than remaining only within the confines of your job description, you will need to show that you're willing to challenge yourself and learn new things. For more information on full-time jobs, contact a professional near you.