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4 Ways Custom Home Designs Have Changed Over The Last Few Years

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Building a custom home is an exciting time. Your builder will walk you through picking out all of the components of your home. To prepare, you may have begun touring new homes or visiting some of your local home shows. One thing you will quickly note is all of the many design changes on the market. While some of these changes may not be your personal preferences, others are signs of the times. Here are a few custom home design changes you may see.

1. More Square Footage

Building a custom home allows you to avoid the small cramped spaces you may find in ready-built homes. You don't have to suffer through cramped bedrooms or kitchens where your entire family can not hang out at the same time.

Custom homes are now generally built with more square footage than in the past. Beautiful open floor plans allow for flowing spaces where all your friends and family can be together.

2. Specialized Spaces

Designing custom homes allows you to create spaces you may not find in other homes. You can fashion the perfect space for you and your family.

You will have the ultimate design say so as far as what spaces your builder creates. Some popular options include games rooms, deluxe hobby rooms, wine cellars, custom movie theatres, and more. 

During the last couple of years, remote work created a demand for larger home offices and studies. Many custom homes now incorporate more than one of these spaces. There is often one or more designed for adults and one for children. 

3. More Storage Space and Organization

Is it ever possible to have too much storage space? Adequate storage space and custom built-ins allow you to organize your home and keep it that way.

Many custom home designs now include luxury walk-in closets, not just in the master bedroom but in other bedrooms. Kitchens often include deluxe custom pantries that allow you to keep your small kitchen tools, appliances, gadgets, and groceries organized.  

4. Ensuites

Many custom homes incorporate ensuites with all of their bedrooms. Gone are the days of multiple bedrooms sharing a hallway bathroom. Not only does this benefit your children now, but these rooms will benefit your guests in the future. The increased number of toilets will also add to your resell value when and if you sell in the future. 

Customized bathroom features are also popular. Many bathrooms now provide a spa-like experience. Some of these features include:

  • Heated floors
  • Custom lighting
  • In-drawer outlets
  • Deluxe walk-in showers
  • Custom bathtubs
  • High-quality plumbing features

The sky is the limit with your custom home design. You get to choose all of the options and features.

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