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Transitioning From Part-Time To Full-Time: There Are Changes To Expect

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When it comes to part-time employment vs. full-time employment, there are major differences between the two aside from the number of hours worked. There are other distinct differences that any person who is considering a shift to full-time employment should be aware of.

New Role

Depending on the company you plan to work for, your change to full-time employment could also mean an updated job title and job role. Some companies reserve certain roles for part-time employees and others for full-time. If you plan to seek employment full-time, you may want to do your research beforehand to see if this change will require you to take on a new assignment. If so, make sure you have the experience and whatever credentials are necessary to allow for a smoother transition.

Pay Structure Changes

You may have estimated the extra income you would earn based on the increase in hours you would work as a full-time employee, but your overall pay structure could change. First, you could go from an hourly rate to a salaried employee. As a salaried employee, you would earn a flat rate. Second, your pay frequency could also change, such as from weekly to biweekly. It is a good idea to plan for these possible changes. 

Updated Schedule

In addition to pay structure changes, your schedule could also change. For example, consider a part-time employee who worked the morning shift but who transitions into a role as a full-time manager. As a result of this change in employment status, the individual may be required to work evenings or nights, and in some instances, they may even work beyond the standard 40-hour workweek. Make sure you are ready for any schedule changes that may come along. 

Employee Benefits

One of the most notable advantages that come along with full-time employment is benefits. Once an individual is deemed full-time, they often have access to health, vision, and dental plans, as well as retirement savings options. All of these benefits can save you money and give you and your family better access to the services you need. Some companies even offer special membership benefits, such as a reduced gym membership fee, to all their full-time staff.  

Remember, the differences between part-time employment and full-time employment vary greatly based on the company you are working with. However, if you keep the above factors in mind, you should be well prepared for the transition. 

To learn more about full-time jobs, contact an employer.