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The Lazy Or Forgetful Person's Guide To Recycling

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Everyone knows recycling is important, but that knowledge often isn't enough to actually convince people to recycle. If you're like most people, you probably don't recycle because you don't know how, you're forgetful, or you're just too lazy too implement a working recycling system. This guide will help you overcome all those obstacles.

Make Recycling Easy

Recycling doesn't have to be difficult. It's easy to find recycling centers near your home; some will even come pick up your recyclables for you. Others bottle depot centers might offer a small payment for aluminum cans. If you live in an apartment building, ask the building manager about recycling options. They may have services you don't know about, or they may be willing to set up recycling services for tenants who are interested.

You can also check with your workplace about recycling. Many employers have measures put into place that allow their employees to recycle paper, plastic, or other items. Oftentimes, they forget to mention these special receptacles, which may go unnoticed. It never hurts to ask.

Set Your Home Up for Recycling

If you forget to recycle, set your home up so it's second nature to you. The truth is that many of the items you typically throw away can actually be recycled. There are many ways to remind yourself to recycle. Of course, you should always have a recycling bin placed next to each trash can in your home. Make sure you place one in your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, as well as any other location where recyclable items collect. Put a special lid on this bin so people don't accidentally mistake it for a regular trash can. This helps your guests know to recycle, as well.

You can also set reminders on your phone. When the reminder goes off, sort through that day's trash and move recyclables to the proper bin.

Recycle When You Throw Out Trash

Make recycling part of your regular home maintenance schedule. You would never let garbage pile up in your home, so recyclables shouldn't pile up either. Each time you take trash to the curb or to a landfill, take care of your recyclables, too. If you need to drop the items off at a recycling center, make it a regular part of your weekly schedule. For example, you might drop everything off each week after work. Just set another reminder on your phone each week so you don't forget.


Recycling is so important that there's really no good reason to avoid it. If you implement these tips, the task will be much easier, and you'll feel better about helping the environment. Best of all, items that would ordinarily end up in a landfill will now be recycled and put to good use again.