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Upgrade Your Space And Stay Informed - Questions For Your Concrete Contractor

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Upgrading the land surrounding your home in order to get the most use from it can be a daunting task. Many people may want to have concrete work done, but may be intimidated by not knowing how to begin the process. If you find yourself similarly overwhelmed, it's important that you take the necessary steps to get the answers you need.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions that you should be sure to ask your concrete contractor. Having the answers to these questions will allow you to proceed with your project with confidence, and can help guarantee that you're in a position to maximize your enjoyment and use of your outdoor space.

Ask About Thickness

The success of a concrete job relies on a wide variety of factors, but one that's commonly overlooked is the thickness of the concrete that you have installed. Indeed, many people assume that concrete will be resilient and strong in the face of any amount of vehicle traffic, but that's very rarely the case.

Asking your concrete contractor about his or her intended thickness will give you an idea of the appropriate level of stress that your concrete is able to handle. You can then discuss increasing or decreasing the thickness as appropriate, allowing you to have a finished surface that meets your exact needs.

Ask About Storm Damage

The concrete installation process requires a good amount of scientific measurement and research of potential hazards, but some things are unavoidable. If you live in a particularly wet climate or you're in the middle of a season that tends to be stormy, your concrete project could be threatened by a sudden opening of the skies.

You should talk to your concrete contractor about their plans for handling damage caused by a storm. Knowing who will be responsible for making up the time and materials will allow you to avoid any surprises as well as feel more confident about trusting your contractor's judgement.

Ask About Warranties

Even concrete that is carefully and professionally installed can be at risk of damage from unforeseen hazards. If you're concerned about the effects of settling or if you notice unexpected wear beginning to form on your new concrete surface, you should avoid the temptation to succumb to frustration and disappointment. Talking to your concrete contractor about their warranty policy will allow you to feel confident about the potential for a quick repair, guaranteeing that the work you pay for is fully supported.

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