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4 Security Tips For A Small Business

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Starting a small business is an exciting-yet-overwhelming endeavor. If you have finally found the space you will use for your business, it is essential that you plan ahead for any security you may need for your business. As a precaution, many people contact a locksmith like RNR Lockworks Ltd to change the locks on their newly leased office or storefront. Although this is a good starting point for securing your business, there are a number of other things you should do as well to ensure your business is as safe and secure as possible.

Adequate Lighting

It is essential to ensure the exterior and interior areas of the property are well lit both during the day and the night. You should make sure to install additional lighting, if necessary, in areas such as:

  • The parking lot
  • Around the perimeter of the building
  • Above each exit door
  • Restrooms
  • Stairwells
  • Work/office space

Document Shredding

Regardless of the type of small business you have, there are going to be documents that should not be kept in the building. For example, potential employees may fill out a paper application; if they are hired, you enter their information into the computer. The application contains personal information and should be shredded to protect you, your business and your employee. Scheduling regular document shredding is a great way to sort through documents, identify the relevant ones and properly dispose of the unnecessary ones.

Securing the Property

When you contact the locksmith to change the locks, request a security check at the same time. The locksmith will walk the property with you and suggest various ways to improve the security of the building, such as installing locks on low-to-the ground windows. The locksmith can also suggest and install the appropriate type of security system for your needs. Some of the most common types of security systems for a small business utilize security cameras with online viewing capabilities, which allows you to monitor the business online from anywhere that you have internet access.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide are serious dangers that can be avoided in your business when you have detectors. These types of situations can be extremely dangerous for your employees as well as the property. Even if there is already a smoke detector installed in the building, adding extra alarms will ensure you and your staff are prepared to be quickly alerted in case there is an emergency.

The best way to deal with possible security problems is to plan ahead and seek the advice of experts. Developing a plan can reduce the amount of loss due to security breakdowns, such as fire or theft. Whether you are renting or buying the space for your small business, maintaining a good level of security will be far less expensive than losing your business as a result of not planning ahead.